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Most 22-year-olds have big dreams, but not all of them can make them come true as quickly as Kelcie Miller-Anderson has. Having developed her own myco-remediation technology that she plans to deploy in the oilsands, her ultimate vision for MycoRemedy is to take it worldwide under the banner of a non-profit organization to help people everywhere clean contaminated soils.

“MycoRemedy’s technology has the potential to change the cost structure and energy-intensive nature of land remediation.”

“Kelcie has a passion for the environment, science and encouraging youth and ‘citizen scientists’ to become engaged. She is a sought-after speaker and has had the privilege to convey her message to a number of organizations.”





“At only 22, she has had the honour of addressing the Senate of Canada.”


— Karen Millar, joint venture accounting manager, Centrica Energy

In a protracted low-commodity price environment, the adoption of new technologies is perhaps the best way to keep western Canada’s oil and gas industry competitive. Producers seem to know this, and Dan Reid’s efforts were key to his company’s 322 per cent revenue growth over the past two years. Being a good listener and problem solver makes him the ideal interface between commercial and technical teams.

“His positive attitude and optimism are contagious to the rest of the company during tough economic times.”


Partner & manager,
corporate development
Panoptic Automation Solutions



“Dan is a natural leader.”


— Katie Smith, proposals, process systems and solutions, Spartan Controls

By day, Michael Geddes and his brother are the new owners of Zimco Instrumentation and have spent the last year transforming the company—overhauling the IT and inventory management systems, expanding the sales force, finding a new controller. By night, Geddes heads off to a local Calgary hospital and pulls a shift as an emergency medicine and trauma specialist.

Owner & corporate development

Zimco Instrumentation



“Dan is the same person inside and outside of the office. He enjoys seeing other people succeed, thrives in social settings and can find common ground with just about anyone.”

“He is typically upbeat and is generous with praise and acknowledgement for a job well done.”

“Mr. Geddes has a captivating quality about him that makes you want to believe in his vision.”

“His best leadership quality is his example and the pace he sets.”


— An anonymous Zimco employee

Manager, NGL market development Pembina Pipeline



Kevin Jagger has been instrumental in launching Pembina Pipeline into propane-based petrochemical development. It’s a big deal for Pembina, and it’s a big deal for Alberta, potentially creating thousands of jobs. But Jagger is no stranger to setting his sight on big prizes. When he was 25, after four years of investment banking, Jagger decided he wanted to become an Olympic speed skater, and that journey’s brought him to where he is today.

“Kevin has applied the same passion and dedication to help others grow in their careers in oil and gas.”

“His ability to make people believe in his vision and his ability to quickly build relationships have been some of the key reasons for his success.”


— Brad Kohlsmith, senior engineering manger, Pembina Pipeline

“Countless people have shared with Kevin how his decision to try something he had never done before inspired them to pursue their own dreams.”

Vice-president, investments
Stream Asset Management



“What is unique about Ryan are his youth (considering his position), analytical gift and his ability to find solutions through active listening.”

“He is comfortable managing investment analysts and autonomously working with executives in Calgary who run multibillion-dollar operations.”

From a soccer-playing kinesiology major looking at a health-care career in Halifax to a private equity investment banker in Calgary, Ryan Haughn’s career has taken a series of twists and turns. The main juncture in this transition was an MBA in finance from Carleton University in Ottawa. “Go west, young man” took care of the rest.

“He volunteers with special-needs kids through organized sports leagues and has organized several fundraisers.”


— Ryan Dunfield, president and managing partner, Stream Asset Management



Shawn Kirwan is the kind of guy that employers push into supervisory positions because he gets great results by treating clients and employees with respect and encouragement. The problem comes when an employer doesn’t uphold the same standards of putting people before profits. So Kirwan and two like-minded business partners launched their own company.

“He provides amazing places to work through the companies in which he is involved.”

“Shawn believes that what sets the oil and gas industry apart from all others is the passion of the people who work in it.”

“His vision and philosophy is more than just words. They are values that he lives and works by.”


— Stacy Richter, chief executive officer, PinPoint Strategies

Production planner

Suncor Energy



Tulika Gupta refuses any constraints on her spirit, intelligence or interests. As an engineer, she is held in high regard at Suncor, but she is also a prize-winning painter, a certified Reiki master, a kick-boxer, a scuba diver, a 2016 Miss India Canada runner-up, and this fall, an MBA student at the Harvard Business School.

“Tulika is deeply committed to the future of the energy industry and making it more sustainable through equality and empowerment.”

“Tulika makes a difference and a positive impact wherever she goes.”

“Having lived in 10 cities and three countries while growing up, she developed an appreciation for diversity early on.”


— Sean Fujikawa, senior project controls, Suncor Energy

Manager, business development

Catch Engineering



As a journeyman electrician, Joel Heal was tapped for sales while on a golf trip in Las Vegas. His ability to talk to anyone caught that businessman’s attention. Since then, Heal has exceeded expectations in every sales position he’s taken on. In the process, he has built up an unrivalled network of industry colleagues and friends.

“Joel is an awesome mentor, leader and young, passionate individual…. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

“He recently took over business development for a smaller specialty engineering firm which, in a down economy, has managed to grow its business.”

“He is known across the industry as a hard-working, passionate individual.”


— Jonathan Bitonti, western Canadian sales manager, Roxtec

Director, service delivery and engineering

Vintri Technologies



Brendan Boyle helps make pipelines safer and more reliable. With pipeline projects in the cross hairs of pretty much every protest group in North America, this is exactly what Alberta needs for its future. At Vintri, he wears a variety of hats, from business development and sales to software product development. It has been a steep but exciting learning curve for the mechanical engineer.

“He has a unique combination of highly technical skills, strategic vision and communication skills.”

“Brendan possesses strong opinions but ensures that the team progresses in the right direction without stifling input or creativity.”

“Having polyvalent management and technical skills has made Brendan indispensible.”


— Phil Roberts, president and chief executive officer, Vintri Technologies

Project engineer



Stepping out of his comfort zone as a technical-minded engineer, Adam Douglas agreed to lead Fluor’s United Way campaign. Pushed into the spotlight of public speaking, organizing events and fundraising, he led a 30-person fundraising team to break past participation records and bring in $180,000 in tough economic times. Suddenly, he was getting noticed. Suddenly, he’s on a management track.

“His leadership is rooted in the ability to engage his peers and coworkers to drive collaborative problem solving.”

“Adam has also found a way to fuse his passion for community service with his professional expertise.”


— Joseph Connors, communications manager, Fluor Canada

“Adam possesses many of the intangible skills that some consider rare among engineers and technical professionals.”

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

William Joseph Communications



Harley-riding, tattooed Ryan Townend runs a pretty cool advertising agency with top-shelf talent, but don’t think for a minute that his key accounts—which include the likes of Enerflex, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada and CEDA—come here just for award-winning creative concepts and a slick image. They look to Townend because of his unwavering focus on business results. Sometimes old-school principles still work.

“Ryan has a gift for marketing, but what really makes him outstanding is his ability to quickly form authentic connections with people.”

“He is committed to helping people, his clients and his staff succeed.”


— Jordan McGill, strategy director, William Joseph Communications

“Ryan’s passion for helping his clients achieve their goals, his commitment to the community and his work with other entrepreneurs to position their businesses for success is what truly sets him apart.”

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The last two years have seen western Canada’s oil and gas workforce wither away as the investment drought forced both operators and service companies to hack back their operations to survive.


But, despite the climate of uncertainty pervading the industry, work continued and people built careers and hunted for opportunities.


The 11 members of this year’s Rising Stars class have survived the downturn. That is an accomplishment in itself, but more than just survive, they have thrived, and they have positioned themselves to help lead the industry as it moves into a slow recovery.


And that is worth celebrating.